Saturday, 2 June 2007

What is ART to you?????

We've had a few classes now using the Jackson Pollock site to make pictures. It's great isn't it! But there really is a great artist by this name....who painted pictures in this style. Have a read about him at

What do you think about this type of work? Is it ART to you????


kaisha!!! said...

Well art to me is talent,excitment and creativity! That arty blob thing is still art but not as crative as like charcoling and everything else we always do for art!

ct said...

Yes it is art to me. Art can be any thing you imagine in your mind! C.t

M.S said...

this painting is art but, art isn't just paintings and drawings it can be a special trick that only you can do and any thing you imagine! M.S