Monday, 5 March 2007

Mrs W's amazing learnings!

Hey, who said that only the students learn things at school! There has been some amazing learning going on right under our noses Year 6!

Mrs W has been experimenting and since the beginning of the year, she has learnt how to:

  • post comments on a blog
  • post and insert pictures in a blog
  • make a blog
  • make really cool headings and badges for a blog
  • link to other blogs

What incredible learnings!

Don't forget to congratulate Mrs W on her achievements..........we sometime forget that teachers too are always learning and striving to keep up with all the wonderful opportunities available to students today.

Well done Mrs W, from Mrs M & Year 6!


mikaliha.b.!!! said...

go mrs w
same here

Nelson.I said...

I Lke the way you teach MRS W

Rhyannan.F said...

Congratulations Mrs W your are truly the best.

stephanie c said...

you rock mrs w you go girl

stephanie c

nathan.c!!!! said...

you teching rox MRS W your cool

alan.b said...

You are very clever Mrs W you are the best.


Madison H said...

Mrs W
you rock you are the best teacher ever. Keep on teaching the way you are!!!
Madison H

casey.t said...

Go Mrs. W you do learn new things every day like me.


K.Hughes said...

Who Knew that when I learn some of the teachers that I have been with over the last 7 years have been learning with me. Maybe one day I will be asked by a teacher if some thing is wrong or right that will be like the coolest thing ever. Oh by the way GO MRS WHITEMAN. Some of the things you learnt I didn’t Know even existed. Well I Know how to post comments on a blog of course and link to other blogs but all I need is the address and I will do it in a flash. Bye Bye.

Kaisha H said...

You go girl i like it and congratulations on what you can do on our blog! YOU ROCK!!!

from Kaisha****

Sarah.D said...

I just gotta say you rock in your teachings Mrs. W and 6 blue loves you teaching us so far this year!

Rock on Mrs. W! Rock on!

Your the best teacher eva!