Saturday, 3 March 2007


Welcome back to your Blog Year 6
We would like to find out your thoughts and ideas about

1. When you hear the word MATHEMATICS what do you think of??

2. Name three important pieces of MATHEMATICS you have learnt sometime at school and, for each one,give a reason why you believe it is important.

3. What answer would you give to the question "What is MATHEMATICS?


Rhyannan.F said...

When I here the word mathematics I think of plus, subtract, division and multiplication. The reason is that they all play a part in maths. The first most important piece of maths that I have learnt in class would be the to always keep your place value in their rightful column. The reason why I believe that this is important is because it always needs to be in the right place otherwise you will get mixed up. Another piece would be to read your numbers in threes because if you don’t read your numbers in threes you will again get mixed up. The last reason would be to learn mathematics you have to know how to read numbers like you two times tables or your threes. If I was give that question my answer would be to me mathematics to learn to say numbers, to learn your times tables, to learn about place value but mostly to know how to add, subtract, take-away or to times.

sandra.m said...

when i hear the word maths it just reminds me of hard problems.I think of maths really easy sometimes but when i am off task i just hate it.

mikaliha.b.!!! said...

I DONT LIKE IT but sometime i LOVE IT
maths is ok but times is one of the thing that i am not that good at but mrs w know that i adding am good at
so maths is cool and not cool

Madison H said...

When I hear mathematics I think of an algorithm. 1 important thing is to keep the decimal point in line when pulsing or times money because if you don’t you might end up with the wrong number. The 2nd thing is to always read in threes to pronounce the number properly. Math’s is to add, subtract, times and divide numbers all together.
Madison H said...

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word mathematics is multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Three very important things I have learnt at school is 1 change and I think this is important because you need to know change so that you do not get the money and change wrong if you go shopping or if you end up being a cashier. 2 is multiplication. I think we need to know multiplication by the end of the year because when we go in to high school the teachers will not give us any time to work it out. We need to know the answer at the blink of an eye. And 3 is the decimal point. The decimal point will help and make adding up money a lot easier. The answer I would give to the question what is mathematics is mathematics is most of the time an equation and adding up numbers money and lots and lots of other things.

etrusler said...

Math to me is all right but it isn’t my favored subject it is my 3 favored at school

Sarah D said...

When I hear the word mathematics I think of……
Numbers, Signs, Cm, Mm, Km, L, mL, Kilos, Grams tones and measurement
So many things I can think of!
3 important things that we’ve done in maths are…
1. Learning how to use a protractor to measure an angles degrease
2. Learning to quickly think and say our times tables of by heart
3. Learning to use trading in division, times, plus and subtraction
I wouldn’t have a clue what answer to give to the question “what is maths?”
I wouldn’t have a clue because I didn’t invent maths!


well when i hear the word MATHAMATICS i think of something we learnt in class the other day, BODMAS which means brackets, of, divition, multiplication, addition and subtraction it was realy fun learning about that


alan.b said...

Math is ok but it is my third favourite subject at school.I really like how we learn the times tables by singing them it makes it easier to remember.


!!!Bethany Dalton!!! said...

i think that it is very boring but once you get to know your more times tables and know and understand things alot clearer you will find it will help so much in high school and for the rest of your lives



!!!Bethany Dalton no:2!!! said...

p.s i like singing the times tables its so funny when i get mixed up

nathan.c???? said...

when i hear maths i think fractoins and all the hard stuff but mrs.w helped me learn fractions by the handball courts so it was easier

thax mrs.w

Kaisha H said...

I like our Mathematics but everytime Mrs Whiteman said hand out the Maths book id always think "OH NO FRACTIONS" but i dont anymore because i really understand them more now!!!

from Kaisha****

bethany said...

maths is extremely boring to me but its just one of those things we have to do