Monday, 19 March 2007

WIKI - Reduce, recycle, reuse

Well Year 6,
You did a fantastic job responding to the information you were exposed to in the online conference-

Your work was so good
I thought it would be worth puting into our own
...but what can we name it?
Also, how do you think we should organise it?
What are your ideas for this space?
Please put your ideas in the comments
& we will discuss these ideas at our next lesson.
Keep up the good work,
Mrs M


Rhyannan.F said...

Yeah that would be great to have our own wiki website. Good idea mrs w!i don't really know but maybe HFS WIKI SPACES maybe be i don't know. Maybe we could set it out like our blog.

K.Hughes said...

That is going to be so cool Mrs Manning that we are going to have our very own wiki. Well I have to admit I haven’t really thought of a name but I will try to think of one very quickly how about Wiki Holy Family. Well if I had it my way I think the wiki should be organised in a very neat manner because if it is for us we need to be able to read it. Well Bye Mrs Manning I am very positive that the wiki is in the right hands. Well this isn’t my last comment so don’t go in shock. Bye for now.

alan said...

I like that 6B have a Wiki Space we can set it out like our blog.
Everyone can put comment on how they recycle.We could call it
" 6B World of Wiki ".

nathan.c......................................................... said...

i think that the wiki space but i think we could call it 'year 6 wiki'


gemma .s said...

I think that our wiki could be call
best year 6 class yet

We cold have on our wiki some Gams like spelling game.

kaisha H said...

That is very cool that we are having Wiki at Holy Family. I think we should name it ..... i dont know yet but i hope we get a name soon and i hope it is set out REALLY GOOD!

from Kaisha****

EMILY.G!! said...

i think that it's really cool that year6 have their own wiki. we could have games, weekly contests and maybe a space where we can write comments!!

renae.f said...

I think it wold be great to have have our own wiki and i thinke we could call it ''the great year 6 wiki!''

Madison. H, Rhyannan. F, Harrison. T said...

Yes it would be fantastic to have our wiki. We could call it Year 6 wiki HFS. Maybe we could have a competition on who could make the best that would be cool. Or we could choose the best ones and vote for them.
Madison. H
Rhyannan. F
Harrison. T

Mrs M said...

Well Year 6 from what I've read it seems the name 'Year 6 Wiki' is the most popular name. I have started a wiki for year 4 where they can show the work they are doing in class. If you want I'll set one up for you too. We could put scanned examples of your work & other different examples...What do you think?