Saturday, 11 August 2007


SOOOOOOO what did you all think about the day?

What do you remember about your first Grandparents Day Concert?

How was it different to your last Grandparents Day Concert?

How was it the same as your last Grandparents Day Concert?

Why do you think we celebrate Grandparents Day?


a.b said...

I remember it was funny when NC and NI dressed as girls.
It was differnt because we did a differnt act last year.
It was the same because it was fun again.
We celebrate to show how much we love them.

Mrs B said...

Congratulations Year 6 what a great concert, I remember watching all the TV shows you performed even though they are OLD shows. It was very entertaining every class performed well and how lucky are you to have such talented teachers. Whenever I hear a Tom Jones song now, thanks to Mr Borg, I will always have a different image in my mind. Grandparents Day was very enjoyable and thank you to all the teachers and staff for their hard work in preparing the day.

E.M said...

I think grandparent’s day was great this year but I don’t really actually remember anything about my very first grandparents day but I’m sure it was great too.

k.h said...

Mrs W, year 6 smashed all the other grades in the school. we were and still are the best! We all had very much fun on the day and all the parents and grandparents enjoyed it.

i dont really know what my kindergarten iteam was because i havent got a good memory from 7 years ago.