Monday, 6 August 2007


The "Stage 3 Homework Grid"is in it's second week and it's probably a good time to share our thoughts about how the grid is going.

Name 3 activities that you have already completed on the grid?

Why did you choose these activities?

Do you think the grid is helping your learning?

Have you had any problems with the grid?

Is there another activity you would like to see on the grid?

Do you know what Mum and Dad think about the grid?

Why do you think that we are using the grid this term?


M.S said...

I think the homework grid is a really good idea because it has more choices to choose from and they are really fun ones too. My favourite thing is the art because we can draw and make things. The homework grid is also really good because we are not doing the same thing every single week. It will also encourage us to go onto our classroom blog and voice thread and make a comment and if we do an afternoon sport then that is already one of the grids completed. I don’t think that there is anything that I can complain about because the homework is so much better.


E.M said...

I think that the homework grid is a great way to do our homework but there is one thing that is troubling me. You see when I do my homework my mum and dad are usually not there so I have no way of proving that I did all of my homework. Still I do think it is a fun, exciting and interactive way to do our homework. I also like it because it has taught me to get up off my bottom and go outside and be more interactive with my family, friends and pets.


ES said...

The three activities that I have completed are all in the fitness part of the grid. These activities are- I trained with a sporting group, I practised a new skill with soccer and I went for a run.
Why did you choose these activities?
I choose these activities because I like doing these things in my spear time.

Yes I think this grid is helping my learning. It is helping me because there are things on this grid that I don’t normally do such as weeding the garden. And this helps me because I don’t normally do this when I do this I am learning how to pull the plants out and which plants are weeds.
Have you had any problems with the grid?

I think that there is no need to have any more activities because the things that are there already are very varied.

I know that my mum and dad think that this grid is great. They think that it is a great way of learning.

I think that we have this grid because it is a different way of learning instead of doing work sheets.

H.T said...

Hi M.H I just wanted to comment about comment on voice thread about the measurement where you told 6B about our difficulties. I think you should tell them our problem so that other people in 6B could help us and Mrs W.

NI said...

Some of the activities I have completed the Art, Physical activities and Play a game with an Adult.

I chose these activities because they were quick and easy.

I think that it is helping me with my learning because we have two weeks to finish our homework when last term we had one week and I was having trouble finishing it all.

I have had no trouble with the new Homework because sometimes I don’t relies that I’m doing my homework, when I’m playing soccer .

I wouldn’t like another activity on the grid because if we put another activity on the grid, the activity mite not be the one that everyone likes.

My Mum thinks that the new Homework is too easy.

I think that we are using the grid this term because they want to try something different and not doing the same thing every week like Spelling words and the sheets.

Mrs B said...

As a parent I think the Homework Grid is great...more variety and different things to choose from....AB especially liked me reading to him... it is change from him reading to me all the is a fun way to learn and also to try new things that maybe you would have not thought of the comments everyone seems to be enjoying the new homework..another good idea Mrs W.

N.C said...

I think that we should do our reflections for homework in a double page table to make it so much easier for Mrs.w and it looks a lot more tidy and neater than just writing wherever u can. The table has 12 squares and we have 12 activities to reflect on. Each square is for 1 activity and you nee to reflect well on it. In each activity you need to remember the main rule why why why. You need to remember this because this gives your answer a lot more information and it will show Mrs.w that you were listening in class.

Miss L - Baulkham Hills North PS said...

I like homework grids... It means students can choose what they would like to learn!

My year 2 class does something similar. I agree with e.m though that when children complete homework on their own they cant prove that they completed it!

Anonymous said...

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