Tuesday, 28 August 2007



As a way of raising money to help with the cost of the Year 6 camp Mr K has suggested that we organise a handball competition for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Children who wish to enter the competition will have to pay an entrance fee.

There will be a girl and boy champion from each grade - champions will need to be presented with something for their achievement.

Now for the challenge - It is up to all of you to work out how the competition will be organised.

Some things you will need to think about -

entrance fee

There are I am sure many other things to consider and plan - GOOD LUCK


These are the rules that people have come up with for our handball competition.
What do you think?
Can you think of any important rules that have been missed?

Referees decision is final
The court you play on and the people you play against will be chosen randomly.
An elimination warm up game will be played before every elimination game.
No Pop Ups.No Grips.
Serves must be at waist level.
Players can’t get out on the first serve.
You can only serve to a player who is in a square that touches your own square.
The ball can only bounce once in your own square.
If a ball rolls it is a replay.
If a ball is hit on the full into another square the player that hits the full is out.
A line ball is played on.
The last two players from every court will go into the elimination round for each year group.
There will be one boy and one girl champion handball player from each grade.


B.D said...

We could use our leadership groups .that would be In charge of a particular part that would need to be done if we would want this day to be a success .to make it fair we could pull out of a hat like have all of the teams in one hat and the jobs that need to be done in another
The team that gets pulled out will do the job that gets pulled out

We would need to put it in term for so we have plenty of time to organize it.

c.t said...

The handball games should be held on the 11week of term3.at lunch times. C.T

A.B & N.I said...

Dear Mrs W A.B and N.I have come up with a set of rules for our Handball

1. No Popups
2. No grips
3. One bounce only
4. Roles is a replay
5. Referrers decision is final
6. Lines is play on.
7. Referrer serves
8. You pay before you play against someone
9. No urging with the referrer your out
10. The person you are playing against is random

M.H E.T said...

Some of the prizes we could give out are a handball, a canteen voucher and a bag of lollies. We can give these out to the winners of every grade. We can get the prizes at Base Shops, The Reject Shop and Go Lo. The prices should try and be under $10.

Entrance fee
The entrance fee would be $2. We should give them a ticket when they pay. We will also write down who paid in case they lose their tickets. We should collect the money during week 9, so we can decide who is playing. We should number the courts on the basketball courts. A couple of days later we can give them the number of what court they will be playing on. This way it will be fair, they won't all try be with their friends or just try to get kids out they don’t like.

E.G. said...

We think that HFS should have the last day as a champion of champions match against the teachers. The girl and boy champions of each grade will verse a teacher and see who will win. The winners of all the games will play as the one team then play the same amount of teachers the winner will then be the champs of handball and I doubt that the teachers will win. It could be on the second last or the last day of school.

H.T said...

Dear Mrs. W and Mr. K, I think that we should give out two tokens to everybody who competes in the handball competition to bring in much more people and making sure that we advertise this in our posters. If we have more people in the competition we can lower the cost of our camp money.

E.T and N.C said...

E.T and N.C think that the handball competition was a great achievement for year 6. It will go towards our camp. We think that the handball competition was a great idea and we think we should use it again because it let in a lot of money. It was a great idea because it is a game that a lot of kids play in our school and we are sure that the players had LOTS of fun.