Tuesday, 23 October 2007




M.S said...

How does the something work? The something works when you open the top of it and put the something’s in. You then push the top down and put the something to the piece of your paper and push down really hard and the something’s go in and your paper stays together. Most people use the something when they want to make something stay together like a booklet or if they want to put something up on the wall.

B.D said...


A??????? Is used to slice food for example a carrot, an apple, a slice of cheese and other foods.

A???????? has lots of little sharp blades over its body. When you wipe the food over the ???????? and its sharp blades thin pieces of the food (shavings) are cut off

A??????? Is a useful utensil to use it is a lot faster than cutting food with a knife. It can get a bit tricky when the food that you are cutting gets smaller and closer to the blade. So when it does get closer keep your fingers well away from the blades.

My Blog said...
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S.D said...

HOW A ******* WORKS

The ******* works by having ink inside itself. The ******* copies what you want it to. After a few seconds the thing you want copied out will appear out of a machine and you will have a hand held copy of what is on the computer!
This device is a lot faster than hand writing out a term paper and a lot easier.

Just be careful you don’t print out too many copies!

H.T said...

A ……… works by putting paper into the …………… machine which then takes what is on the piece of paper. Then the……. scans that piece of paper. Once the……… has scanned the piece of paper it will then print another copy off.

R.Fe said...

The ***** is used to send something on a piece of paper, such as writing or drawings. To work a ***** you have to dial in the number into the ****** and then put the paper in. when the paper is in the ******* it will make a copy by using Inc and send it to the number you dialled.
And that is how a ******** works!

M.B *!* said...

The ????? helps everyone with every day life.
The ???? is also is used for maths like people who need to find out how much there bills are and it also helps us with school work and homework.
The ???? has 24 buttons on it and can go up to 8 digits.

M.H said...

A !!!! is a tool that combines papers together. The papers are combined together with a metal staple. A !!!! pushes the staple into the paper and then bends the ends of the staple so it can then hold the pages together.

K.Hu !!!!!!!!!! said...

My object works by when you but water in the top of this object it fills up until the brim. Then you carry it to where you will want any water and then you tip it on an acute angle then water will run out of the several or more holes that are at the end of the spout.

My other object works like a wedge you put this object half-way between the floor and the doors base which then causes it to stop the door from closing again.

My last object is very dangerous if used inappropriately because it is very sharp. You put the blade of this object on a can. Then you start to turn the wheel on the other end of the object while moving it around the out skirts of the can. Then once you have got where you started you take it off.