Wednesday, 17 October 2007




BD&RF said...

Hi 6 blue BD and RF here and we have some suggestions about our homework!
1We could properly have homework the old way with 2 sheets, spelling words and free choice activities.
2Another suggestion is the newer version of our year 6 homework is the homework grid (that was pretty fun)
3We have to play a game of scrabble every nigh and have to make our spelling words on the game board and record how the game or maybe more went. At each Friday when we bring our home work in we see who had one the most games out of the class and keep a tally until the end of the term and the winner wins gets a small or BIG prize.

ES said...

In regards to this question I think that our class should try having daily homework so then we will be prepared for when we go to high school because they have daily home work. I also believe that the class should go back to doing the reading contact because I know that it really helped my reading.

N.I said...

I think that we should do at least some sport for at least 15 minutes everyday. At least 20 spelling word that we have spelt wrong in our books and a maths work sheet and a English wok sheet. And read a book for 15 minutes a day, these activates should only take from Friday to the next Friday.

H.T said...

I think we should go back to the old homework but with some little changes. I think we shouldn’t have free choice activities because they don’t have any impact on my work and don’t help me at all. I think we should still have helping every night at home because children watch to much television and we would also be helping our mothers and fathers.
I think everyone single person should have twenty words each night and we can still have the words we have spelt incorrectly from the past terms. We should still have one of each math and English problem sheet.

K.H 1 said...

I think that one suggestion for our homework would have to be that we have to either read or play a game with an adult or older brother or sister for half and hour once a week but twice would be excellent. One other one is to go outside to play at least three times a week but more would be better because we should go outside at least three times a week. But I also like the old homework because it was fun and quick no offence Mrs W Bye everyone but not for ever

s..c said...

in my opinion homework isnt just sitting down and writing out spelling words or doing a sheet
it is also being active, using technolegy and having fun so i think we should still have the grid thing but we choose 1 grid each week and each grid should have a subject.
e.g maths- we write out times tables everyday

K.H said...

Well I have a suggestion for the homework grid.
1.We should go back to our normal homework with spelling words and a few sheets.
2.Another reason is that I really agree with BD and RF idea of playing scrabble and choose our spelling words out of the game of scrabble.
3.Just do some times tables and also some spelling words.

R.Fe said...

I think that we should have to do our work at home that we didn’t finish in the time given in class and also some projects given that can be completed during a long period of time.
I think we should do this homework because I believe it will help prepare us for High School.

s.m da best said...

Hi everyone this is s.m I do have a suggestion for homework this term. The suggestion for this term is having an essay on electriced