Tuesday, 23 October 2007






H.T said...

Rfridgerator and water.

I wouldn’t be able to have and water to drink during my day which would make me dehidrated and which wouldn’t help my body at all. At breakfast lunch and dinner time I couldn’t have any cold or hot foods.

People living in East timor would not have these appliances in their house and the appliances. If they did have these appliances there would be a big difference because they would have fresh drinking water for a day to keep them healthy and keeping them hidrated. They would have a fridge which could store all there food and others things. They wouldn’t go hungry or firsty for fresh water for one day and one night

N.I said...

Water and Fridge

My day would be different without these appliances because without water I wouldn’t be able to have a drink when I am thirsty and without a fridge I wouldn’t have cold food to eat when I’m hungry.

I life of an east Timor person would be different with water because they will finally have some fresh water to drink and a fridge would change there life because they will have some where to put there food in to keep it cold.

RFe & CT said...

Electrical appliance in my house!
One electrical appliance that my family uses is a refrigerator. My family uses this all day everyday and we never turn it off. This appliance is used to keep my food and drink cold so that it does not go off. If I do not put the food and drink in the fridge that needs to be kept cold it will go off and I can then get very sick.

How would the people in East Timor lives be different?
If East Timor had a refrigerator their life would be different because they would be able to keep food cold so their food would not go off and they wouldn’t get sick.

N.I & AB said...

Refrigerator and water

It would change our day without these appliances because without a refrigerator we wouldn’t have any place to put our dairy products and if we didn’t put them in a fridge they would go off and if you ate them you would get very sick and may die.
If we didn’t have water it would change our day because we won’t be able to drink water then we would be dehydrated and it isn’t very good for your body because you have no energy to do anything.

If they had water for a day it would be different because they will have some fresh water to drink and will have some energy to go out and water the crops so that they can buy food.
With a refrigerator it would change there day because they will be able to put there fruits and other foods into a cold place where the food won’t go off. And so that they don’t get sick because of the food going off.

E.S & N.C said...

Ac/Heating system and fridge.

Our lives would be different without these appliances because it’s an important part of our lives.

The fridge is a very important part of our homes and lives because they keep our food like meat and dairy products cold so that they will not go off and will be unable to be eaten. We never really don’t have accesses to a fridge only when there are blackouts and power shortages. Without the fridge we would become very sick if we ate the products that are supposed to be in the fridge because without the cold of the fridge these products will build up bacteria which will make us really sick and could even kill us.

The ac/heating system is a very important part of our homes because they keep us warm in the colder months and cold in the hotter months. If someone in a poorer country had this device they would have good heath because they would not have to endure the cold nights and have somewhere to stay during the hotter days. The people with the ac/heating system would live a lot longer because without this device there health would be worse because there health would be shot because the cold would stop he muscles from moving and that strips them of eating properly and hunting four food.

E.M said...

2 electrical appliances that I would use in my house every day would be a refrigerator and a hot water system.

Without a refrigerator my life would be different because I would not have any cold food or drink to eat or drink. If I don’t have any cold food or drink I would probably be very hungry and dehydrated. If I’m hungry and dehydrated I would be lacking a lot of energy and
I could get very sick and even die.

But if some one in East Timor had some thing like hot water that would be very good because they would be able to have a warm shower. They would even be able to have a cold clean drink of water they would just have to let the hot water cool down. They would also be able to cook hot food like rice and this could save lots lives in East Timor.

H.T E.T said...

Water and electricity.

Without electricity we couldn’t power the motor in our fridge so when the fridge stops working all of our red meat will go off and if we eat it will make us sick. We need electricity for our lighting to see at nigh time when we do things around the house so we don’t hurt ourselves. We need fresh drinking water in the day so we don’t dehydrate. If we dehydrate we can become sick. We need fresh drinking water so we aren’t drinking sewage water which has lots of bacteria which could make us sick.

The east timories would have access to clean fresh water to keep hydrated during the day and the water wouldn’t be their usually dirty sewage water that makes them sick.
They would have hot water because the electricity powers the water because they probably haven’t had a clean was in moths.

M.H said...

One of the electricl appliance that I use in my house mostly would be the microwave and the fridge.

With the microwave I would not be able to warm up my food if I wanted my food to hot or warm or even defrost something that has been in the frezer for a while.

For someone in East Timor that would have access to a microwave would be different because if they had something that they needed to warm up. For exaple meat that they would have caught whilst out hunting.

The other appliance that I use every day would also be the fridge. My day would be different because I wouldn't have any of my drinks or food cold and refridgerated so that I can have something cold on a warm, hot day.

Someone in East Timor with the access of a frigde would love one. This would be because they could keep the water that they collect cold and refreashing so that they also can have a drink on a warm, hot day.

S.D said...


My day would be different if I didn’t have the refrigerator because all of our food would go off and it would smell, our food wouldn’t be fresh and we would get really sick and unhealthy.
My day would also be different without clean water because I would get very sick and I would also die. As well as that, I would not be able to live because everything I eat contains water and that would effect all my food and it would taste bad and more importantly make me very sick and cause me to die.

The life of a family in East Timor would be different because they would be a lot less sick because they would have clean, running water that people don’t bath in and they wouldn’t have to walk miles to go and fetch the water everyday. If the people in East Timor had a fridge, things might not be so different because they do not have electricity like we do in Australia. Their food would still be off and it would take up space for no reason.

M.B *!* said...

The hot water system

If i didnt have the hot water i will go crazy and i couldn't have a shower or bath.
If we didnt have the water the shower would be cold as cold can be.
Also we couldn't do the dishes and the bows and cup would get very very dirtie and flys and bugs would fly in and we would get very very sick.


If we didnt have the fridge we couldnt have half the food we have because it would go off and we would get sick .
we could have milk because that needs to be cold and the fridge is cold inside it and the drinks wouldnt be very nice and if they go off we could get sick then we might of already been.

G.S said...

One of my appliances is phones and the other is lights.

LIGHTS – it will be a big deferent’s in my life because at night you will not be able to see and you will have to lit lots of candles. If there is a ascendant on the road , injury or police problem there won’t be any single on for the sensible people on the road or the people that are terrible.

Phones- if we did not have any phones how would we call to communicate because if there is some thing you won’t say something little to say you would have to go to their house or writer a letter. If there is a emergence.

LIGHTS- they will be aloud to see and they could be able to go to sleep later because if you can not see with out a light there’s no point of staying up late.

PHONES- If people in East Timor had phones they wouldn’t have to travel a lot because if they have to travel a lot, they need water, which they don’t which they don’t get much so they will get sick.

K.Hu !!!!!!!!! said...

Well if I did not have an air conditioner or a tap full of running water my day would be different because I would not be warm in the days and especially in the night this will effect because it will make me catch a cold or flu. Also with no water I would get dehydrated and then I would be at a high risk of getting a head ache or even faint. If people in East Timor they would think they were getting the royal treatment because they would not even know what an air conditioner is and they would be so happy once they have water to drink, bath in and to make there dinner and to wash there clothes

Anonymous said...

laptop and lights

laptop because when i need todo my homework the next day and im at my nannas i can do it on my laptop which provides microsoft word and the internet to reserch.

Lights because... if we didnt have lights no one would be able to see and it would be really hard to find somethin or go somewhere without lights because you dont know where you are.

Thanks for reading my comment!